To elevate the therapeutic powers of water by serving the world’s best private and professional wellness spaces.


To apply the essence of Made in Italy innovation to the highest forms of wellness.

Genius loci

Quality, Design, and Innovation. The three pillars of authentic Italian style.

From these Aquademy has been drawing inspiration ever since its origins, happened in the place that symbolizes the union of research and creativity, where man and nature become one: Lake Garda. A land that is unique in the world for its richness in artistic, cultural, and environmental variety. Here, the alchemic bond between man and nature takes place, giving a new form to the Elements. The genius loci of this oniric region is manifested within the rich and generous nature, and it materializes, through human creativity and ingenuity, in products that symbolize its Technique, Quality, and Uniqueness. This region, renowned as the land of wellness, becomes a place for refreshment, rest, and regeneration, defining, this way, Aquademy’s genetic traits in the attention to personal care.




Aquademy’s innovative range of products reinterprets the use of water, light, and scent in a new progressive level of technical construction. This way, the shower systems become a state of the art, nestled amongst precious materials, where the use of stainless steel AISI 316L stands out thanks to the aesthetic plates, now easily adaptable to even more hostile environments. High-quality silicone nozzles, waterfalls with different inclinations, and the aerated jet complete the picture. In the chromotherapy collection, the experience becomes even more engaging thanks to the LED lights, embedded like precious stones within the plates, contributing to the definition of a refined aesthetic, able to offer the best tonality and light frequency experience.
Whichever solution one may choose, aromatherapy is by now a must for the company, diversifying the therapeutic experience in its different declinations.
All of this controlled by user interfaces, designed on purpose for every necessity, fulfilling all sorts of needs, from the most robust to the most unique.