Traditional aromatherapy is reinterpreted in two new solutions: aromatherapy by air and aromatherapy by water. The first one uses an innovative kind of solid essential oil in cartridges released into the room simply by ventilation. The second one enhances the hydrotherapic effect of water jets thanks to the combination of refined mix of essential oils.

IN-WATER AROMATHERAPY: A custom-designed pump enters specific quantities of essential oils into the plumbing system of the shower. The consequential mix of water and scents is perfectly adapted to the therapeutical necessities of the one who enjoys it.

IN-AIR AROMATHERAPY: Air aromatherapy happens through the mechanical stimulation of the air, started by a small fan. The tiny particles of scented talc are, in this way, diffused in the surrounding environment, turning every breath into relief for the whole organism.


All the senses which our body is gifted with are, in some way, connected to a different side of our brain. Smells, in particular, are vehicles of very strong messages, traveling from the smell receptors to the brain through the nervous impulses. From here, they influence the autonomic nervous system and trigger extended changes within the whole body. An essence dissolved in air or water can, in this way, have very intense beneficial effects on heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormonal balance. The sense of smell is also linked to the limbic nervous system and so to the hippocampus, both responsible for what we feel, such as emotions and instincts, and for the long-term memory. That’s how the memories stored in our subconscious come back to life inside our minds the moment we get in touch with a scent we know.

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