The Kneipp Path

The Kneipp Path is offered by Aquademy in the non-immersive version. This choice guarantees the water jets to reach the lower limbs, with intense therapeutic effects on the legs and feet. Every single step is characterized by a special built-in showerhead, made of the best quality stainless steel AISI 316L and tailored to turn the Kneipp experience into an unforgettable wellness experience. This is all possible also thanks to the 3 nebulized shower nozzles, which, organized around the light, allow the beam of light to travel through the water.


The effects of this journey are multiples, designed to activate sensory relaxation for the whole body. The bloodstream stimulation is the main benefit, with consequential decreasing of water retention and strengthening of the immune system. The floor, made of embedded stones, teaming up with the alternated warm and cold water, creates a double capillary massage. Legs and feet finally receive the attention they deserve after much stress, completely vanishing the swelling sensation.

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