The reaction shower

As a complementary element of the sauna and steam bath, the reaction shower, in the version offered by Aquademy, consists of two different variations. While, in the first one, the body is wrapped in a dense and cold mist, almost like a cloud of frozen vapor, in the second variation the water turns into a rougher rainfall, with a stronger touch on the skin. A blue-colored light completes both the variations.


Cold water is the true protagonist of this treatment. Thanks to it, the journey, started with the sauna’s high temperatures, ends by slowly bringing back the body to its balance. This kicks off the purification from toxins, contributing to the functioning of the immune system and toning up the body. The tissues restore their regular oxygenation cycle thanks to the thermal shock, enhancing the bloodstream. Finally, the release of endorphins, started by the low temperatures, donates a prolonged positive effect on the mood.

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