The Vichy Shower

The Vichy Shower, as stated in the name itself, becomes common in the whole world from the French town Vichy. Ever since the origins, this treatment consists of a relaxing shower to be taken while lying down on a draining mattress. A hug of intense and prolonged relaxation that, also thanks to the prone position, reaches every part of the body with numerous rain jets.

Today, these fundamental features have inspired Aquademy’s research towards an improved product, worthy of the highest current quality standards. The here proposed Vichy Showers are the demonstration of how the science behind the human-machine relationship can be perfectly applied to the science of wellness, thanks to an innovative and ergonomic arrangement of the jets. Moreover, the new types of jets for different localized massages and the alternated cold-warm temperatures complete the picture of this incredible journey of relaxation, extended to the whole organism.


The keyword of this treatment is rebirth. Everything, from the water pressure to the temperature, and the orientation of the jets, is designed aiming at a profound anti-aging effect. The water here plays the main role. Its massage stimulates the lymph circulation, raises the oxygenation of the cells, and drains the tissues, bringing to the elimination of the toxins and, as a consequence, to a general relief in the legs area with cellulite decrease. The tissues, regenerated and oxygenated, convey purifying effects even to the rest of the body, contrasting aging and donating renewed vigor to the whole organism.

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