The SCENARY MODE configuration allows the creation of customized scenarios that provide sequential activation of the several functions present in the shower system. Any of these scenarios will be composed of a maximum of 8 steps where, each step could be customized according to the specifications or needs of the shower system in the following points: duration of the step, jet to be activated, water temperature, liquid, aerial or combined aromatherapy, coloration of the LEDs, songs to play.
Finally, the chosen sequence will be activated by pressing a dedicated button or sensor, integrated in a wide choice of user interfaces with essential and elegant lines made for any environment.

The Scenary Mode is a proposal of articles designed to obtain the maximum of the shower system for professional use. Thanks to the intuitive programming of dedicated controller and minimal use of user interfaces (buttones or sensors, single or combined) will be possible the complete activation of the entire shower system by activating the complex set of water functions, aromas, music and lights with a single gesture in order to create a real “Spa Experience”.

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